5 Ways To Reduce Split Ends

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Natural Hair Story: Chichi Ogwe

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Natural Hair Story : Chantal Maples

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5 Tools For A Polished Looking Beard

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Natural Hair Story : Olena Brackett

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If you want to actually stick to and achieve your new year’s resolutions, think practical.  

When you start writing out your new year’s resolutions, instead of saying things like you want to lose 75 pounds within the next 6 months or that you will join a gym and work out for one hour on a daily basis, set goals that are reasonable and manageable and also give yourself a flexible timeline to achieve those goals.

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Practical Tips To Achieve Your New Years Resolutions


Split ends occur when the end of a hair strand is damaged resulting in the strand separating into two or more fragments.  If left untreated,  the split end can progress all the way up to the scalp. 

Constant manipulation – washing, combing, brushing and styling, (not to mention chemical treatments like bleaching and dyeing) can cause damage to your hair’s cuticle. Once the cuticle is damaged, your hair becomes weakened, and dehydrated, making it prone to split ends.

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5 Ways to Reduce Split Ends


In this week’s natural hair story,  we are shining the spotlight on Chichi.  Chichi is a lover of all things beauty and fashion.  Here is Chichi’s hair story…

What is your name and where are you from?

My name is Chichi and I am a freelance beauty blogger from London.

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Natural Hair Story Chichi Ogwe


During the cold and frigid winter months, your skin takes a beating.  Cold, dry air leads to dehydrated, red, itchy and flaky skin. Just as we protect ourselves by wearing extra layers to combat the cold winter weather, we should add extra layers to our skincare routines as well.

If you need to learn the basics of a proper skincare routine, read my article here.

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7 Protective Styles to Try Out This Fall/Winter

We all like to spend as little time as possible styling our hair each day. With cooler temperatures in full swing, protective styles can offer you a stylish look as well as protection from the elements.  No matter the length or texture of your hair, you can wear a protective…

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5 Of the Best Oils for Natural Hair

As a natural girl, I’m pretty sure we all know the importance of oil on our hair.  I use oils on my hair for pre-pooing, deep conditioning, scalp massages and to seal in moisture.

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Combating Dryness In Natural Hair

Dryness tends to be a common problem among those of us with natural hair.  I have type 4C hair, and my hair can get very dry at times.  Because of my hair texture, it can tend to look dull as well.  When your hair is kinky, it is harder for the natural oils in your scalp to travel to

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5 Amazing Deep Conditioners for Your Natural Hair

Deep conditioners are a regular part of my natural hair regimen.  Now that we are approaching the fall/winter season deep conditioning is especially important because the cooler temperatures can wreak havoc on our hair. Deep conditioners restore moisture to hair, help maintain elasticity, strengthens hair strands, restores your hairs natural sheen, and helps to prevent and/or reverse damage.

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Hairstyle Of The Week


5 Super Easy Ways to Tie Head Wraps

I am a huge fan of head wraps, turbans, scarves or whatever you choose to call them.  I, however, seldom have luck when it comes to tying them properly...

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10 QUICK AND EASY NATURAL HAIR STYLES Short/Medium Length Natural Hair

Now that my hair is starting to grow out, I have been looking for different ways to style my hair.  Most days I wear a ‘fro or I will pull it up into a puff.  I have gotten a little bored with those two styles and want to try something different. Being that my hair is at a bit of an awkward length, it is hard to find styles suitable for my hair.

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Cute & Easy Protective Style for Kids Natural Hair

Looking for a super cute, yet easy protective style for your little naturalista?  How about trying out braids and twists. In this video, Lady Justice shows us how she achieved this style on her daughter Jayla’s hair.

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How to Achieve the Perfect Highlight for Beginners

When it comes to wearing makeup, I like to keep things simple.  Most days I only wear lip gloss and a little blush.  There are times when I do like to get a little fancy tho’, and that means that my full face, including highlighter, must be on point.

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5 Super Easy Beauty Hacks You Should Definitely Try

Here are 5 of my favorite beauty hacks:

1. Exfoliate Your Lips

No one wants to deal with dry, flaky, chapped lips.  To exfoliate your lips, add a dab of vaseline or chapstick to your lips,  take a wet toothbrush and use circular motions to gently remove dead skin.

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My Top 5 Drugstore Beauty Products

The amount of money that we spend on makeup and beauty products can quickly add up.  So when I find a bargain that works well without breaking the bank, I am pretty excited.  Below I share with you 5 of my favorite drugstore beauty products.  

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Who doesn’t love a great conditioner?  I know I do!  I was browsing through my local Walgreens looking at hair products – which is the norm for me, as I am a bit of a product junkie.  Anyway, I came across this Renpure Coconut Whipped Creme Leave-In Conditioner.  I picked it up and put it back down a couple of times before deciding to actually purchase it.  I have seen this brand in stores before but never gave it much consideration.

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CREME OF NATURE Argan Oil Line Review

I have a long relationship with Creme of Nature hair products, as they were one of my favorite hair care product lines back when I was addicted to the “creamy crack.”  When shopping for natural hair products, I would tend to overlook this particular line.  I think I skipped over them because I was used to using their products on my relaxed hair, and didn’t think I could achieve satisfactory results with my natural hair.

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I was excited to give this Eden BodyWorks Natural Pudding Souffle a try because I’d heard so many great reviews on it.  I decided that I would use this as a part of my wash and go routine.  I purchased this pudding souffle at my local Wal-Mart for about $8.

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