10 QUICK AND EASY NATURAL HAIR STYLES Short/Medium Length Natural Hair

Now that my hair is starting to grow out, I have been looking for different ways to style my natural hair.  Most days I wear a ‘fro or I will pull it up into a puff.  I have gotten a little bored with those two styles and want to try something different. Being that my hair is at a bit of an awkward length, it is hard to find styles suitable for my hair.  I want styles that look good, but  I also want simple hair styles that can be done when I am in a hurry to get out the door.  

I came across Sadora Paris on YouTube and she shares 10 hair styles that can be done quickly on short or medium length hair.

You can find Sadora on YouTube.  

10 Quick Easy Natural Hairstyles Short Medium Hair
Photo Credit: Sadora Paris


Which hairstyles are your favorites?  Share in the comments.


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