5 super easy beauty hacks

5 Super Easy Beauty Hacks You Should Definitely Try


Here are 5 of my favorite beauty hacks:

1. Exfoliate Your Lips

No one wants to deal with dry, flaky, chapped lips.  To exfoliate your lips, add a dab of vaseline or chapstick to your lips,  take a wet toothbrush and use circular motions to gently remove dead skin.  Afterwards, use a tissue or damp washcloth to wipe away the flakes. You’ll have perfectly smooth lips in no time.

I typically exfoliate after brushing my teeth or I will do it as a part of my skincare routine.


2. Remove Makeup With Facial Wipes

Too tired to wash your face at night? Keep a package of makeup remover wipes on your vanity or by your bed. On those nights when I am too tired to do a full face wash, I pull out my handy wipes. 



3. Use Coconut Oil as a Makeup Remover

Instead of spending money on makeup removers, go the natural route.  Use coconut oil. I absolutely love this stuff! It gently removes your makeup without leaving your skin oily.  








4. Use Ice Water To Dry Your Nail Polish

If you’re in a hurry and need to dry your nail polish quickly, use ice water.  Add a few ice cubes to a bowl and fill with cold water.  Dip your fingers into the ice water for about a minute, and Voila! You’ve got dry nails.



5. Moisturize Your Feet With Vaseline

Give your tootsies some TLC. Before you get into bed, rub each foot with Vaseline. Slip on your favorite socks, and when you wake up you will have softer, smoother feet. I especially love to do this in the winter because my feet tend to get really dry during the winter months. 

I have shared five of my favorite beauty hacks.

 Share with me some of your faves in the comments.






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