5 Ways to Reduce Split Ends

Split ends occur when the end of a hair strand is damaged resulting in the strand separating into two or more fragments.  If left untreated,  the split end can progress all the way up to the scalp.

Constant manipulation – washing, combing, brushing and styling, (not to mention chemical treatments like bleaching and dyeing) can cause damage to your hair’s cuticle. Once the cuticle is damaged, your hair becomes weakened, and dehydrated, making it prone to split ends.

The good news is that we can easily reduce our chances of getting split ends in the first place. Here are steps you can take to keep your hair healthy and free of split ends:


Trim Your Ends

Maintain your ends by regularly trimming them. Trim your hair when it is dry and not wet. Trimming your hair while wet could potentially cause future splits ends and damage. You should also use shears that are sharp to ensure a clean cut – hence no trimming your hair with the same shears you’ve used on other projects around the house.

Get Rid of the Excessive Heat

Keep your heat usage down to a minimum by allowing your hair to air dry whenever possible. Using heat on the hair can cause it to dry out causing more split ends. If you must use a dryer, make sure you use a low heat setting.

Don’t Over Manipulate

Reduce the amount of daily manipulation done to your hair – ie brushing, combing and styling.  Opt for hairstyles that can be worn two or three days. The less manipulation, the less likely you are to get those pesky split ends.

Add on the Moisture

Create a moisture barrier for your hair by keeping it properly moisturized.  Use water-based moisturizers to add moisture to your hair.  You want to make sure that you are deep conditioning your hair on a regular basis as well.  I have listed some amazing deep conditioners that I love using here.

Protect Your Strands

Try wearing protective styles to give your hair a rest from daily styling tools.  Protect your hair when out in the sun by wearing a hat or headwrap. At night, be sure to wear a satin scarf or sleep on a satin pillowcase.


How do you protect your hair from split ends?

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  1. Trim when dry and not wet… I’ve tried this it doesn’t work with my hair as its too carly and kinky I have to do it when wet or if its dry when flat ironed, which breaks your second rule. Thanks for the tips

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