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7 Protective Styles to Try Out This Fall/Winter

Protective Styles for You to Try Fall Winter

We all like to spend as little time as possible styling our hair each day.  With cooler temperatures in full swing, protective styles can offer you a stylish look as well as protection from the elements.  No matter the length or texture of your hair, you can wear a protective style. Here are 7 different styles that you can try out.  


1. Twisted Bun

@Lexis Hair



2. Flat Twist Updo




3. Flat Twisted Double Buns




4. Halo Braid




5. Finger Coils




6. Twisted Faux Hawk Updo




7. Braided Updo

@Briana Lynee


How do you protective style your hair? Share with me in the comments.  


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