Benefits of Positive Affirmations


What is a positive affirmation?  Simply put, positive affirmations are statements that declare specific goals.  Daily affirmations motivate us and enable us to change the way that we think in a positive way. Affirmations are designed to reflect the things you want to be true in your life. Affirmations have the ability to transform our external lives by first transforming us internally.

We must be careful with the words that we choose to speak because our words are powerful.  Our words, good or bad, actually frame the world in which we live.  Just as we can speak positive, life-giving words, we can also speak words that are negative and will lead to death.  When you choose to use statements such as “I’m broke” or “I’m sick”, you are actually causing those things to manifest in your life.



“Death and life are in the power of the tongue,
And those who love it will eat its fruit.”- Proverbs 18:21



I intentionally speak positive affirmations over my life and the lives of my loved ones every day.  Even though things may not be going the way that I want them to at the moment, I can speak life-giving words that will change my circumstances.


By speaking daily affirmations, I become more aware of my thoughts and words throughout the day, which in turn helps to keep negativity at bay.  Here are 5 of my favorite affirmations that I use on a daily basis…




1. I am young, I am vibrant. I am full of energy.  I LOVE life.



[bctt tweet=”I am young. I am vibrant. I am full of energy.  I love life. #Affirmation” username=”wenaturalgurlz”]


2. Today is going to be a GREAT day.


3. All of my household is BLESSED. We are blessed when we come in and blessed when we go out.


4. I prosper in EVERYTHING I put my hands to.  I have prosperity in EVERY area of my life.


[bctt tweet=” I prosper in everything I put my hands to. I have prosperity in every area of my life. #Affirmation” username=”wenaturalgurlz”]



5. I am a woman of wisdom.  I exercise wisdom daily.




Do you speak affirmations over your life?

 Share your favorites with me in the comments.




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