12 Dresses Under $100 For Spring That I Love

There is something about spring that makes me want to wear my favorite dresses.  Whether I am looking for something that is casual or a bit dressy, I can always find a dress to fit my mood. Now that the temperatures are finally warming up, it’s time to pull out Continue Reading


This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are my own. Ladies, are you looking for the perfect protective style?  Then look no further than Divatress.  I have partnered with Divatress to showcase a selection of their curly weave. Curly weave is a great choice when you want a break Continue Reading

Pamper Your Skin With Honey

Pamper Your Skin With Honey

Are you looking to nourish and pamper your skin? Try honey! Not only is this sweet treat good for food, but honey is great for moisturizing the skin. Studies have shown (read here)  that honey contains both antioxidant and antibacterial properties.  The antibacterial benefits of honey are great for helping Continue Reading

Glam Up Your Holiday With This Smokey Makeup Look

Glam Up Your Holiday With This Smokey Makeup Look

Looking to add a little bit of glam to your look for the upcoming holidays? Beauty vlogger FaceOverMatter shares a green and gold smokey eye holiday makeup look.  These colors are absolutely gorgeous! You don’t have to be an expert at applying makeup to achieve this look – Hallelujah!   Continue Reading

How to Achieve the Perfect Highlight for Beginners

How to Achieve the Perfect Highlight for Beginners

When it comes to wearing makeup, I like to keep things simple.  Most days I only wear lip gloss and a little blush.  There are times when I do like to get a little fancy tho’, and that means that my full face, including highlighter, must be on point.   In Continue Reading

15 Photos of Black Men With Beards That Will Certainly Bring a Smile to Your Face

15 Photos of Black Men With Beards

Let’s face it, beards have become all the rave now.  Whether you are a man who loves to wear them or a woman who loves men who love to wear them, one thing is for certain – beards have definitely become a sex symbol. This “rugged” fashion statement has gained Continue Reading

Winter Proof Your Skin Care Regimen

Winter Proof Your Skin Care Regimen

During the cold and frigid winter months, your skin takes a beating.  Cold, dry air leads to dehydrated, red, itchy and flaky skin. Just as we protect ourselves by wearing extra layers to combat the cold winter weather, we should add extra layers to our skincare routines as well.  If you Continue Reading

Five Halloween Inspired Makeup Looks to Try

Five Halloween Inspired Makeup Looks to Try

Halloween is upon us, and like me, you are probably trying to decide what type of costume and makeup you will be wearing.  When it comes to applying makeup (including Halloween makeup), I like to keep things simple. I have not made up my mind yet exactly who or what Continue Reading

5 Super Easy Beauty Hacks You Should Definitely Try

5 super easy beauty hacks

  Here are 5 of my favorite beauty hacks: 1. Exfoliate Your Lips No one wants to deal with dry, flaky, chapped lips.  To exfoliate your lips, add a dab of vaseline or chapstick to your lips,  take a wet toothbrush and use circular motions to gently remove dead skin. Continue Reading


5 Facial Scrubs You Should Be Using

Facial scrubs have become a normal part of my weekly skin care regimen. I started thinking about the health of my skin in my mid-twenties.  I made sure I washed all of my makeup off at night and I would use moisturizer and sunscreen as often as I felt I Continue Reading


Summer LIp Gloss Favorites

I am a lip gloss lover and prefer glosses over lipstick. LA Colors Moisturizing Lip Gloss is one of my summer lip gloss favorites. It is actually one of my favorite brands period I purchased these goodies at my local Dollar Store for only one dollar each.   Even though Continue Reading


Skincare Basics

We all know that daily skin care is important, right?  Our skin is the largest barrier that we have to protect us from infections. Healthy skin also helps us to age gracefully.
Your daily regimen does not have to include a ten or twelve step process. A good skin care regimen requires proper cleansing, exfoliation, toning, and moisturizing.


My Top 5 Drugstore Beauty Products

The amount of money that we spend on makeup and beauty products can quickly add up.  So when I find a bargain that works well without breaking the bank, I am pretty excited.