Protective Styles for You to Try Fall Winter
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7 Protective Styles to Try Out This Fall/Winter

We all like to spend as little time as possible styling our hair each day.  With cooler temperatures in full swing, protective styles can offer you a stylish look as well as protection from the elements.  No matter the length or texture of your hair,…

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15 Photos of Black Men With Beards
Beauty, Natural Hair

15 Photos of Black Men With Beards That Will Certainly Bring a Smile to Your Face

Let’s face it, beards have become all the rave now.  Whether you are a man who loves to wear them or a woman who loves men who love to wear them, one thing is for certain – beards have definitely become a sex symbol. This…

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Cute and Easy Protective Style For Kids Natural Hair
Natural Hair, Natural Hair Care

Cute & Easy Protective Style for Kids Natural Hair

Looking for a super cute, yet easy protective style for your little naturalista?  How about trying out braids and twists. In this video, Lady Justice shows us how she achieved this style on her daughter Jayla’s hair.  Not only is this an easy protective style,…

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5 Amazing Deep Conditioners For Natural Hair
Natural Hair


Deep conditioners are a regular part of my natural hair regimen.  Now that we are approaching the fall/winter season deep conditioning is especially important because the cooler temperatures can wreak havoc on our hair. Deep conditioners restore moisture to hair, help maintain elasticity, strengthens hair…

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