Our Mane Crush Monday feature for this week is Kimberly, better known as Kiim_XOXO_ on Instagram.  We love her cut, color, and those gorgeous curls. Her super defined twist-out is always the bomb.


Instagram: Kiim_XOXO_


Kim says of her hair…

 Day 1 – Day 5 hair…

I maintain my styles by tying my hair with a silk scarf & moisturizing in the morning with a leave-in conditioner, pick it out, and GO.

I’m too lazy to re-roll or re-twist my hair every night.  Using products with a strong hold is the most important when trying to make your styles last as long as possible. I wash & re-style my hair once/week & have stopped doing the LOC (layering leave in conditioner, oil, & cream) method. I just wash, condition, add leave-in conditioner & styling product. I’ve been adding extra oil to my SCALP ONLY & re-moisturizing using leave-in conditioner throughout the week as needed to my hair when it feels dry. Most styling products & creams have enough oil in them already.



In this video, Kim shows us how she achieved her three strand twist out using Plentiful Hair Care system.


Which one of Kimberly’s hairstyles is your favorite?


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