Sponge Method Natural Hair
Natural Hair

SPONGE METHOD Medium Length Natural Hair


I have used the sponge method to add curls to my hair on many occasions. I am currently wearing my hair in a TWA. It is in that awkward in-between phase because I am letting it grow out. When styling my hair I typically do a wash and go.  There are times when I want to add a little more curl definition to my hair.  I usually twist my hair at night and after untwisting it and picking it out a bit, I am good to go.  Since it has grown a bit, I don’t do wash and go’s as often. When my hair was much shorter, I would use the sponge method to add curls to my hair.  Now that it is in that in-between phase, I thought my hair was too long to use the sponge.  

After watching BeautyCutright use the sponge on her medium length hair, I tried it on mine, and I was very satisfied. Watch as she shows us how she uses the sponge to style her medium length hair.  


Have you tried the sponge method on longer hair?  

How did it work for you?


You can find BeautyCutright on YouTube.



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