Summer LIp Gloss Favorites

I am a lip gloss lover and prefer glosses over lipstick. LA Colors Moisturizing Lip Gloss is one of my summer lip gloss favorites. It is actually one of my favorite brands period I purchased these goodies at my local Dollar Store for only one dollar each.   Even though this is a bargain brand lip gloss, it feels good on my lips and does not give me that icky aftertaste that I sometimes get from some bargain brands. They are available in six different shades and comes with a sponge applicator tip. I like that this lip gloss, in particular, gives me a very sheer coverage, which is perfect for summer,  and it also gives me just the right amount of shine.


summer lip gloss favorites

summer lip gloss favorites
LA Colors Moisturizing Lip Gloss – Pink Pearl
summer lip gloss favorites
LA Colors Moisturizing Lip Gloss – Rose Petals
summer lip gloss favorites
LA Colors Moisturizing Lip Gloss – Altered Beige


I like to use Elf Pout Perfector to add a bit of highlight to my lips. You only need a dab of it in order to add a nice glow to your lips, so don’t over-do it. I use this when I am wearing either lipstick or lip gloss.


summer lip gloss favorites
ELF Pout Perfector


In my opinion, this is a great lip gloss for those who appreciate a bargain without having to sacrifice quality. I always have my LA Colors lip gloss and Elf Pout Perfector in my makeup bag.  You never know when you might need a quick touch up.

Do you have a favorite bargain lip gloss?  Leave me a comment.


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