How to Achieve the Perfect Highlight for Beginners

How to Achieve the Perfect Highlight for Beginners

When it comes to wearing makeup, I like to keep things simple.  Most days I only wear lip gloss and a little blush.  There are times when I do like to get a little fancy tho’, and that means that my full face, including highlighter, must be on point.   In Continue Reading

5 Super Easy Ways to Tie Head Wraps


I am a huge fan of head wraps, turbans, scarves or whatever you choose to call them.  I, however, seldom have luck when it comes to tying them properly.  Thankfully I found IamInYACO’s channel on YouTube. In this video, IamInYACO shows us how easy it is to tie head wraps. Continue Reading

SPONGE METHOD Medium Length Natural Hair

Sponge Method Natural Hair

  I have used the sponge method to add curls to my hair on many occasions. I am currently wearing my hair in a TWA. It is in that awkward in-between phase because I am letting it grow out. When styling my hair I typically do a wash and go. Continue Reading

Easy Kids Wash Day Routine : Toddler Edition

Easy Kids Wash Day Routine

For those of us with kids (especially younger kids), we know how stressful wash day can get – for us and for our kids. In order to make the process go smoothly when you have young kids, you have to make sure that you incorporate some of their favorite things. Continue Reading